Frequently asked questions for notarial issues

The Notary is a public official who has editorial responsibility for estate transfer contracts (purchase, donation inter vivos or mortis causa, parental benefit, heritage acceptance etc.), copies issuing and record keeping.

For the preparation of a purchase contract the following documents are required from the seller:

1) Tax clearance certificate of the transferor with a description of the property transferred (ATAK number of the property). *

2) If the transferor acquisition title is accepting inheritance or parental donation or gift in life that occurred before 12/31/2994 then a certificate is required from the taxation office that with show that no tax is owed.

3) ENFIA certificate for years 2011-2012-2013-2014-2015 by showing that no tax is owed on the property (F.A.P.) and ENFIA for these years from the transferor (if it is for LAND, then only years 2014-2015 are required).

4) If the property came into the city plan after 1983 we need two (2) certificates:
a)confirmation that property declaration has been submitted by the owner in the Urban Planning Service and
b) confirmation that there are no overdue contributions due, for land and in money.

5) Confirmation that no irrigation payments are due form the transferor of the property (if the property is in an area where TOEV certificate is required).

6) Certificate for non-debt insurance contributions from IKA (Public Insurance Service)

7) Regional License for properties located in the Navy or Army areas (such as Akrotiri, Mournies, Kalyves, Nerokourou, Maleme, Souda etc.).

8) From the Cadastral Office: notice + piece by cadastral Diagram.

9) Building permit for buildings that were built after 1983.

10) Contracts.

11) Power of attorney if the seller is not present.

12) VAT and Tax of transferor. ID or passport.

13) Topographic plot with affirmation of N.651 / 1977 Engineering and N.1337 / 1983 and plan views of the building.

14) Energy Performance Certificate (PAA) on property (for sale).

15) engineer confirmation of existing building of N.4178 / 2013 (concerning buildings and land pieces) or engineer certificate that there is NO building on plots pieces.

From the buyer ID or passport is required and tax identification number (TIN).

*ATAK is the number of the property, in the property declaration document

To draw up a purchase contract, the costs concern:

a) Τhe transfer of property tax in the taxation office which is 3% on the greater value indicated in the contract.
b) Notary fees.
c) Lawyer’s fees.
d) Registration fees or registration of the contract in the Land Registry or Land Office in the area where the property is located.

Yes, anyone (seller or buyer) does not need to be present at the signing of the contract. In this case, a drafted notarized power of attorney to a Greek notary or Greek consulate abroad should be prepared to which the command is given to a third party lawyer (or not) to sign the relevant contract.

Yes, an attorney is required for the legal control of the property. The lawyer will check at the competent Land Registry or Land Office to detect any charges on the property (mortgage, underwritings, seizures, claims etc.)

Yes, if someone wants a thorough check of the property gained, in terms of planning.

Yes, despite the fact that one has no income in Greece, it is required each year for an accountant to declare the property acquired, at the taxation office and pay the related property tax.

This is not required but someone could wish to draw up a Will and to give this to the custody of a Greek notary for property acquired in Greece.

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